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SAS destinations during Holiday Season

November 24, 2020 08:00

SAS is resuming flights on many routes over the Holiday Season to meet demand for travel to, from and within Scandinavia.

From mid-December to mid-January, SAS will fly all domestic routes in Norway and Sweden, as well as domestic routes in Denmark except for Billund. SAS continues to fly its routes between the Scandinavian capitals and is reopening a number of routes to Europe. The routes to New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Washington and Shanghai will continue to operate.

SAS will offer a total of 129 routes to 82 destinations, including major cities such as Berlin, London, Paris, Rome and Athens.

From Norway, SAS is reopening direct routes between Norway and Europe, and will fly 20 direct routes to the continent.

The traffic program has been reduced compared with a normal year, and fewer tickets will be available than usual. SAS urges customers to plan their travel well in advance to ensure they can get tickets for their preferred departures. SAS wishes to note that the traffic program may be amended if travel restrictions are introduced which indicate that routes should be cancelled.

Read more about SAS’ traffic program here

We know that flexibility is important for our travelers in these turbulent times and have consequently introduced more flexible rebooking options. Our travelers can cancel their trip until 72 hours before departure and get a SAS Travel Voucher that is valid as payment on all SAS destinations. This offer applies for all international travel. SAS also offers rebooking free of charge for all international flights until 72 hours before departure. All trips booked through SAS are refundable within 24 hours of purchase, regardless of ticket type.

Read more about SAS Flexible Booking

The safety of our passengers and employees is SAS’ primary concern and travelling by air is very safe, also with regards to infection control. SAS has introduced a range of measures to ensure that passengers feel safe when travelling with SAS. For example, procedures have been introduced for extra onboard cleaning, new boarding procedures and the mandatory wearing of face masks on board during the journey. Research has shown that the likelihood of being infected on board an aircraft is microscopic, partly because the dry air on board is filtered every three minutes.

Read more about safe travel with SAS


CPH-PVG            Copenhagen-Shanghai

CPH-EWR           Copenhagen-New York

CPH-IAD             Copenhagen-Washington DC

CPH-ORD           Copenhagen-Chicago

CPH-SFO            Copenhagen-San Francisco

Routes from Norway to Europe

OSL-ALC             Oslo-Alicante

OSL-AMS            Oslo-Amsterdam

OSL-BER             Oslo-Berlin

OSL-BRU            Oslo-Brussels

OSL-DUS            Oslo-Düsseldorf

OSL-FRA             Oslo-Frankfurt

OSL-GDN            Oslo-Gdansk

OSL-HAM           Oslo-Hamburg

OSL-KBP             Oslo-Kiev

OSL-KEF             Oslo-Reykjavik

OSL-LHR             Oslo-London

OSL-LPA             Oslo-Las Palmas

OSL-MAN           Oslo-Manchester

OSL-MUC           Oslo-Munich

OSL-VNO            Oslo-Vilnius

OSL-WAW          Oslo-Warsaw

OSL-ZRH            Oslo-Zürich

SVG-ABZ             Stavanger-Aberdeen

SVG-WAW          Stavanger-Warsaw

Routes from Denmark to Europe

CPH-AGP            Copenhagen-Malaga

CPH-ALC            Copenhage-Alicante

CPH-AMS           Copenhagen-Amsterdam

CPH-ATH            Copenhagen-Athens

CPH-BER            Copenhagen-Berlin

CPH-BHX            Copenhagen-Birmingham

CPH-BRU           Copenhagen-Brussels

CPH-CDG            Copenhagen-Paris

CPH-DUS            Copenhagen-Düsseldorf

CPH-FAO            Copenhagen-Faro

CPH-FCO            Copenhagen-Rome

CPH-FRA            Copenhagen-Frankfurt

CPH-GDN           Copenhagen-Gdansk

CPH-GVA            Copenhagen-Geneva

CPH-HAM          Copenhagen-Hamburg

CPH-KEF             Copenhagen-Reykjavik

CPH-LHR            Copenhagen-London

CPH-LPA             Copenhagen-Las Palmas

CPH-MAN          Copenhagen-Manchester

CPH-MIL             Copenhagen-Milan

CPH-MUC           Copenhagen-Munich

CPH-NCE            Copenhagen-Nice

CPH-OTP          Copenhagen-Bucaresti

CPH-PLQ            Copenhagen-Palanga

CPH-PMI             Copenhagen-Palma de Mallorca

CPH-PRN          Copenhagen-Pristina

CPH-STR            Copenhagen-Stuttgart

CPH-SZG            Copenhagen-Salzburg

CPH-TLL             Copenhagen-Tallinn

CPH-VNO           Copenhagen-Vilnius

CPH-WAW          Copenhagen-Warsaw

CPH-ZRH            Copenhagen-Zürich

Routes from Sweden to Europe

ARN-AGP            Stockholm-Malaga

GOT-AGP            Gothenburg-Malaga

ARN-ALC            Stockholm-Alicante

ARN-AMS          Stockholm-Amsterdam

ARN-ATH            Stockholm-Athens

ARN-BER            Stockholm-Berlin

ARN-BRU           Stockholm-Brussels

ARN-CDG           Stockholm-Paris

ARN-DUB           Stockholm-Dublin

ARN-DUS           Stockholm-Düsseldorf

ARN-FAO            Stockholm-Faro

ARN-FCO            Stockholm-Rome

ARN-FRA            Stockholm-Frankfurt

ARN-GVA            Stockholm-Geneva

ARN-HAM          Stockholm-Hamburg

ARN-HEL            Stockholm-Helsinki

ARN-LHR            Stockholm-London

ARN-LPA            Stockholm-Las Palmas

ARN-MAN          Stockholm-Manchester

ARN-MIL             Stockholm-Milan

ARN-MUC          Stockholm-Munich

ARN-NCE            Stockholm-Nice

ARN-PMI            Stockholm-Palma de Mallorca

ARN-RIX             Stockholm-Riga

ARN-SKG            Stockholm-Thessaloniki

ARN-TLL             Stockholm-Tallinn

ARN-VNO           Stockholm-Vilnius

ARN-ZRH           Stockholm-Zürich



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