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Star Alliance helps you plan and fly with confidence

July 1, 2020 12:19

Alliance member airlines unite around common standards and planning tools: When you're ready to travel, Star Alliance helps you plan, then fly with confidence.

 To support efforts in restoring public confidence in air travel, Star Alliance, the world’s largest global airline alliance, and its member airlines have been working on a series of measures to ensure health & hygiene safety of customers when they fly across the alliance, and to provide health & hygiene-related information at their fingertips, all to help provide peace of mind when they plan their travel.

Commitments on Health and Hygiene Safety

The 26 member airlines of Star Alliance have agreed to a common set of health and hygiene safety measures intended to provide customers the comfort of knowing that whenever they are onboard any Star Alliance flight, they can expect consistent care on access to hygiene amenities, protective wear by fellow passengers and crew, special procedures for handling unwell passengers and crew, and enhanced processes and disinfectant products for aircraft cleaning.

Star Alliance Travel Information Hub

 Star Alliance is cutting through the ever-changing information maze in an effort to provide customers with a deeper level of journey information on what they may expect at each point of their travel. 

Starting from now, customers can access its newly developed Travel Information Hub that has the most relevant health and hygiene measures adopted by all its member airlines and an extensive range of airports in the Star Alliance network. The information resource is intended to help customers prepare for their journey and to fly with confidence, with enhancements for a more personalized experience and in multiple languages due to be available in July.
Jeffrey Goh, CEO of Star Alliance, said “It goes without saying that safety of our customers is the No.1 priority. We have been working with our member airlines to adopt measures that assure the well-being of our customers so that, when they’re ready, they can fly with confidence.” 

He added, “The commitments from our member airlines and the Travel Information Hub are two first steps we are taking to reassure customers of their health & hygiene safety when they travel across the Alliance. We are also working on a number of initiatives to both reaffirm that assurance and enhance the seamless experience of a Star Alliance journey.”

The aviation industry is facing the greatest challenge in its history. Working with stakeholders in the industry, Star Alliance and its member airlines are united in helping to restore and maintain confidence in air travel, and in connecting people and cultures once again.


Notes to editors:

1.The first iteration of the Travel Information Hub will have information on key hubs in the Star Alliance network, with more airports to be added progressively.

2. The Health and Hygiene Safety Commitments can be found at:
3.The Star Alliance Travel Information Hub can be found at: 

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