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SAS rewards travelers adding biofuel

December 14, 2021 11:00

Since 2019, travelers flying with SAS can voluntarily choose to buy biofuel. To increase the use of sustainable aviation fuels, such as biofuel, is an important step to reduce climate-impacting carbon emissions when flying and SAS will now reward EuroBonus members with extra points when adding biofuel.

Sustainable aviation fuels, such as biofuel, reduce CO2 emissions in the lifecycle with up to 80 per cent. All SAS travelers can already purchase biofuel when booking, by adding 20-minute blocks of biofuel.

Starting December 14th, SAS will reward its EuroBonus members with 500 EuroBonus Extra points for every 20-minute block they buy.

“Through making it more beneficial to buy biofuel with your booking, SAS wants to increase the usage of this non-profit service. Sustainable aviation fuels are a bridge toward zero-emission aviation and SAS works to pioneer a more large-scale and commercial production and supply,” says Karl Sandlund, Chief Commercial Officer.

SAS aims to be the global leader in sustainable aviation and works hard to cut emissions. This is achieved for example with modern and fuel-efficient aircraft, and by using more sustainable aviation fuels.

Compared to fossil fuels, sustainable aviation fuels, like biofuel, dramatically reduce the climate-impacting CO2 emissions in the lifecycle. Additionally, SAS continues to carbon offset all EuroBonus members’ flights with SAS, free of charge.

  • Travelers can purchase 20-minute blocks of biofuel in their booking
  • Price per block​: 10 USD/10 EUR/100 SEK/100 NOK/70 DKK
  • Biofuel is one type of SAF (Sustainable Aviation Fuel)
  • SAS makes no profit on the purchase and this is only adding to the amount of biofuel that SAS is already committed to buy
  • The amount of biofuel a traveler buys will not necessarily be used on the actual flight the traveler has bought a ticket for, but it will be used to replace fossil fuel to the equivalent amount in SAS’ operations as soon as possible and latest within 12 months.
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