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SAS launches Travel Pass Biofuel

March 18, 2022 08:00

SAS now offers a punch card, Travel Pass Biofuel, for corporate customers who regularly travel to the same destination and want fossil free fuel, covering their flights, included.

With Travel Pass Biofuel the customers get a discounted, prepaid punch card where 100% biofuel is always included, to reduce the environmental impact of their flights.
- SAS has ambitious sustainability targets and is committed to increase the use of sustainable aviation fuels, such as biofuel, in our operations in order to lower the climate impact from traveling by air. We now welcome our customers on board the journey toward a more sustainable aviation by making it possible to buy Travel Pass Biofuel. This is perfect for customers who want to make their flying more sustainable, says Markus Ek, VP Global Sales, SAS.
SAS strives to be a leader in sustainable aviation and works hard to reduce CO2 emissions. SAS does this, for example, with modern and fuel-efficient aircraft and by using sustainable aviation fuels. SAS constantly strives to increase the supply and use of sustainable aviation fuels (SAF), such as biofuel, as these are the bridge on our journey toward net zero-emission aviation. The biofuel contributed by our customers is added to the biofuel SAS is already buying. In that way we can together make a faster progress towards a more sustainable future.
Facts about Travel Pass Biofuel

•    100% biofuel, corresponding to the full fuel use for your trips
•    A discounted alternative when traveling regularly to one destination 
•    Prepaid tickets – No additional charges
•    All tickets are SAS Plus, and includes Fast Track, SAS Lounge, free seating, priority boarding, free WiFi onboard, checked-in baggage and meals onboard 
•    Full flexibility with SAS Plus
•    Applies to Travel Pass prepaid, with 20, 40, 60, 100 and 200 punches – Valid for one year from the date of purchase 
Facts about SAS and biofuel
•    Biofuel is a sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) as defined in ICAO CORSIA Annex 16.
•    Biofuel emits up to 80% less climate-impacting CO2 compared to fossil fuels
•    SAS makes no profit on the purchase 
•    The biofuel is added to the amount of biofuel that SAS is already committed to buying
•    Regulation allows blending in up to 50 percent biofuel with traditional jet fuel, in existing aircraft



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