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SAS takes precautionary measures to support customers in case of pilot strike

June 27, 2022 20:13

SAS has received a notice of conflict from the pilots’ unions in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. Mediation is ongoing but if no agreement is reached before 29 June 2022, the pilots’ unions will go on strike. SAS is taking precautionary measures to support customers whose flights will be impacted by a potential strike.

A potential pilot strike will have substantial impact on SAS’ scheduled flights and many customers risk being impacted. Due to peak season, the availability of equivalent flights will be highly limited. Therefore, SAS is taking precautionary measures to enable customers to plan alternatives to their scheduled flight.

Option of rebooking flights to a later date

SAS offers passengers booked on SAS flights between 27 June - 3 July 2022  the option of rebooking the ticket, free of charge. Passengers can rebook to a SAS flight on another date, within the next 360 days, to the same destination if the same service class as the original ticket is available.  

What travelers can do:

  • Not all SAS flights will be impacted by a potential strike. To see if a flight is likely to be affected, passengers can go to to check the status of their flight. 
  • To use the option of rebooking an impacted flight, passengers are referred to My Bookings.

Passengers who booked their ticket via a Travel Agent or a Tour Operator should contact them directly.  

High pressure on customer service

The potential strike is causing a high pressure on SAS’ customer service and the waiting time is longer than usual. By checking the status on a reservation through SAS’ self-service solutions, passengers can avoid a long wait on the phone and chat lines.

Customers will continuously receive information and updates via SMS, email and on our website. To be able to support customers impacted by a potential strike, SAS is strengthening customer service and call-centres for rebooking where possible.

SAS truly apologizes for the inconvenience this causes impacted customers. 


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