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February 12, 2024 15:40

SAS opened the possibility for EuroBonus members to sign up for the recently introduced flight experience “Destination Unknown” today at 12 noon. Within minutes, over 1000 members signed up for the chance to embark on this mystery journey.

On April 5, SAS EuroBonus members will meet at Copenhagen Airport ready to board a mystery trip. The travelers are invited to explore the concept of flying to an unknown destination and join a unique adventure curated by SAS.

SAS invites EuroBonus members to embark on a mysterious journey between April 5-8, 2024. This extraordinary SAS experience promises to add additional excitement and adventure to the trip. The allure of the unknown destination will keep travelers on the edge throughout the flight until the destination is revealed.

"I am thrilled about this innovative concept, and I am confident that, just like me, a lot of travelers are excited by the idea of an unknown destination. The prospect of embarking on an adventurous and mysterious journey with fellow enthusiasts, finding new connections and friendships along the way, is truly exciting. SAS equals trust and quality and promises our passengers an adventure that will bring their travel experience to a new level. These are not just trips; they are extraordinary journeys that will stay with you for a lifetime,” says Paul Verhagen, EVP & Chief Commercial Officer at SAS.

All seats on the flight are reserved for SAS EuroBonus members and can only be purchased using EuroBonus points. The Destination Unknown tickets are all so-called biofuel tickets. Read more about SAS biofuel tickets here:



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