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SAS announces changes to the Nomination Committee and its AGM 2024 proposals

January 23, 2024 21:10

The composition of the Nomination Committee ahead of SAS AB's Annual General Meeting on March 18, 2024 has been changed after Gerald Engström, representing himself and Färna Invest AB, has chosen to resign from the position.

The Nomination Committee has, having taken into account the instruction to the Nomination Committee adopted by the Annual General Meeting 2023, determined that it is not possible to appoint a replacement and, consequently, decided to fulfill its assignment with one fewer member.

After the change, the Nomination Committee consists of:

  • Åsa Mitsell, representing the Ministry of Finance, for the Swedish government (Chairman of the nomination committee)
  • Adrian Lϋbbert, representing the Ministry of Finance, for the Danish government
  • Jacob Wallenberg, representing Wallenberg Investments AB
  • Carsten Dilling, Chairman of the Board of SAS AB

The Nomination Committee further proposes that the Annual General Meeting 2024 resolves that the Nomination Committee, also for the period until the next general meeting, shall consist of the Chairman of the Board and representatives of the three largest shareholders. The Nomination Committee is not proposing any changes to the instruction for the Nomination Committee or otherwise as regards fees and election of Board members or auditors. The Nomination Committee’s complete proposals will be included in the notice convening the Annual General Meeting.

For further information, please contact:
SAS Press office, +46 8 797 29 44
Investor relations, +46 70 997 7070

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