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April 8, 2024 09:00

SAS today announces exciting details about the next chapter in its future commercial relationships. SAS will remain in Star Alliance through August 31, 2024, and customers can start enjoying benefits with most SkyTeam airlines beginning September 1, 2024.   

Following this transition starting September 1, 2024, SAS EuroBonus members will enjoy loyalty benefits similar to those offered today with Star Alliance airlines with most of SkyTeam’s airlines.  

SAS is in advanced negotiations with SkyTeam and many of its member carriers to develop and grow extensive commercial relationships. We look forward to giving our customers access to 19 new airlines and more than 1,060 destinations around the globe. Customers will enjoy continued access to their favorite cities and regions, while enjoying more travel options to previously unserved destinations.  

“We are thrilled to progress on our alliance transition journey and pave the way for delightful new destinations and loyalty program benefits across the world. Our focus now is to guide customers and our EuroBonus members on each step during this transition. We look forward to sharing more details as our journey progresses, with the aim to create a smooth transition to an exciting travel future with us,” says Chief Commercial Officer at SAS, Paul Verhagen. 

We have worked closely with both Star Alliance and SkyTeam and many of their members over the last 6 months to ensure a smooth transition for all customers and our EuroBonus members. All customer benefits of Star Alliance, including earn and burn of EuroBonus points, lounge access and other benefits along the customer journey will remain through August 31, 2024. EuroBonus will remain SAS’ loyalty program, also after SAS leaves Star Alliance. 

For more information: From Star Alliance to SkyTeam (

We look forward to sharing more information over the coming weeks and months.  



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