Supplier information

Welcome to SAS Group Procure-to-Pay. Here you find information on how to send invoices to SAS as well as the invoice requirements that is necessary for SAS to accept the invoice.

If you are a supplier to SAS you will find all relevant information in this text and in downloadable documents in the bottom of this page.

Strict No Purchase order, No Pay policy

SAS has a strict “No Purchase Order, No Pay” policy which means that referencing a purchase order is strictly mandatory when invoicing SAS. Please download the letter from the SAS management that further explains the policy at the bottom of this page.

SAS Payment terms

Payment will be made 45 days after receipt of a correct invoice, unless otherwise agreed in contract. The supplier will not be able to invoice SAS before the delivery or performance is accepted by SAS as final and complete.

Approved ways of invoicing SAS

SAS offer several approved ways of invoice our different companies at SAS Group. For our contracted it is mandatory with electronic invoicing, unless otherwise agreed in contract. For one-time/ad-hoc invoices we accept PDF-invoicing. Please see the information provided below.

Mandatory invoicing for contracted suppliers

Electronic invoicing is good for the environment, reduces administration and is safe. Therefore electronic invoicing is a mandatory part of the SAS General Terms and Conditions we sign with our suppliers.

At present SAS approves electronic invoicing through SAS external solution provider Pagero that is connected to most e-invoicing networks in Scandinavia and Europe. SAS provides some solutions free of charge to our suppliers.

Please go directly to the SAS Group site at Pagero for more information.

PDF-invoicing for ad-hoc/one time invoices

For one-time or ad-hoc invoicing sas will accept PDF-invoicing. However, for all our contracted suppliers it is mandatory with electronic invoicing as outlined in the SAS GTC, unless otherwise agreed in contract.

Please remember that each invoice should sent as one PDF-file with all necessary documentation and other specifications attached in the same file PDF file.