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Financial information and reporting

Since July 2001 SAS AB has been listed at the NASDAQ OMX stock exchange in Stockholm with secondary listings in Copenhagen and Oslo. SAS aim is to provide appropriate information and communication channels for the financial reporting.

To ensure that the information to the stock market is accurate, SAS has established an information and Investor Relations policy. The policy is established by the Board of SAS.

SAS shall provide quick, current, correct, relevant and reliable information to its shareholders, analysts, general society and media. SAS strives to maintain an active and open dialogue with market players regarding the development of SAS and its future prospects, business development and business opportunities, all within the framework of the applicable stock-market.

Financial information reported regularly includes the annual report, interim reports, monthly traffic figures, press releases, presentations and telephone conferences focused on financial analysts, investors and meetings with the capital market in Sweden and abroad.

All reports, presentations and press releases are available on