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As a pilot in SAS, you will enjoy flying some of the newest and most modern aircrafts in the industry, like the Airbus 320Neo on our short haul routes or the Airbus 350 on our destinations in the United States or far east. You will be faced with the challenge of operating at some of the world’s busiest airports one day, and the next, at some distant airfield in rough and rapid changing weather conditions.

We expect nothing less from you, than excellent piloting skills and on top of that, competencies as leadership, great communications skills and the ability cooperate broadly, to secure a safe flight and the best possible travel experience for our customers.

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First officer

As a pilot in SAS you will normally start your career as first officer on one of our short haul aircraft. There are always two pilots in the cockpit: captain and first officer. The work is characterized by irregularity as pilots may work at any time of the day. The length of the working day depends on the aircraft used and the routes flown.

Most aircraft types fly network traffic combined with seasonal charter. We offer possibilities to apply for different positions being either aircraft type or transfer to our longhaul aircraft, all based on availability and seniority.


As pilots grow in seniority and experience, they can advance to flying different types of aircraft. Promotion to captain is always done on short haul and is preceded by a captain candidate course. As captain you are not only responsible for the assigned aircraft, crew and passengers but are the team leader for the entire departure process supported by innovative new technology developed by SAS.

Should you feel for additional career challenges there are several opportunities in SAS (based on availability). SAS has pilots in many operational, administrative and training positions.