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Nomination committee 2023

The nomination committee consists of the following members:

  • Åsa Mitsell, Swedish Ministry of Enterprise and innovation, representing the Swedish government; Chairman of the nomination committee
  • Adrian Lϋbbert, Ministry of Finance, representing the Danish government;
  • Jacob Wallenberg representing Wallenberg Investments AB;
  • Gerald Engström representing himself and Färna Invest AB; and
  • Carsten Dilling, Chairman of the Board of SAS AB.

Registered shareholders in SAS AB’s register of shareholders maintained by Euroclear Sweden AB may submit proposals in writing to the nomination committee on the following address:

SAS AB Nomination Committee
c/o General Counsel Corporate Legal Affairs / STODL 
S-195 87 Stockholm

Proposals should be received by the board at least 7 weeks prior to the Annual General Meeting.