Strategic priorities

SAS has adopted three strategic priorities to meet trends and industry developments, ensure competitiveness and provide the prerequisites for long-term sustainable profitability.

Establish an efficient production platform

In 2014, SAS intensified efforts to reduce costs and increase flexibility with the aim of creating an even more efficient production platform. The earlier restructuring program was followed by additional measures. Altogether, the new measures are expected to generate an earnings impact of SEK 2.1 billion with full effect in 2017.

Win the battle for Scandinavia’s frequent travelers

SAS pursues a focused approach in its continuous development of the offering and, over the past year, SAS has completed significant changes that enhance customers’ experience. The results were not long coming. More people are travelling with SAS and the number of EuroBonus members has increased significantly over the past year.

Invest in our future

SAS is implementing extensive simplifications to the aircraft fleet as part of investments in our future. Since the end of 2013, the SAS in-service aircraft fleet has consisted solely of Next Generation aircraft – with greater comfort and higher fuel efficiency. SAS is also investing in the organization’s leadership by introducing a new leadership and employee model linked to the Lean efforts.