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Share capital development

SAS AB ordinary shares are listed at three Stock Exchanges. SAS AB preference shares are listed at Stockholm Stock Exchange.

SAS AB’s ordinary shares are listed at the Stock Exchanges in Stockholm, Copenhagen, and Oslo. The primarily listing is at the Stock Exchange in Stockholm. The SAS AB ordinary shares were listed on 6 July 2001. SAS AB has also issued preference shares, that are listed at the Stockholm Stock Exchange since 7 March 2014.

Prior to July 2001, SAS was listed via three independant companies (SAS Danmark A/S, SAS Norge ASA and SAS Sverige) at the three Stock Exchanges in Scandinavia.

The quota value of SAS AB shares is SEK 20.10 per share.

ISIN code SAS AB ordinary shares: SE0003366871

ISIN code SAS AB preference shares: SE0005704053

Changes in SAS AB share capital since 2001

YearTransactionNo. of new sharesNo. of shares after transactionNominal share capital, MSEKQuota value, SEK
2001New share issue40,00050,0000.510
2001Non-cash issue155,272,395155,322,3951,553.210
2001New share issue6,494,001161,816,3961,618.210
2002New share issue2,683,604164,500,0001,655.010
2009Share capital reduction164,500,000411.22.5
2009New share issue2,303,000,0002,467,500,0006,168.72.5
2010Share capital reduction2,467,500,0001,653.20.67
2010New share issue7,402,500,0009,870,000,0006,612.90.67
2010Reverse split-9,541,000,000329,000,0006,612.920.10
2014Preference share issue7,000,000336,000,0006,753.620.10
2016Convertible bond conversion1,082,551337,082,5516,775.420.1
 2017New share issue 52,500,000 389,582,5517,830.6 20.1
 2018Redemption of preference shares -4,898,448 384,684,103 7,732.120.1
 2018Redemption of preference shares -2,101,552 382,582,551 7,690.020.1