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SHareholder program

Questions & answers

Am I eligible for the Shareholder program benefits if I have sold my shares?

The program runs from April 1 to March 31 each year. To be eligible for the program and receive the exclusive travel benefits, you must have bought the shares prior the annual control date November 30 in the preceding year, and the average amount of shares held throughout the 12 months before the annual control date must amount to the number of shares required for the respective benefit categories.

When will I receive the Shareholder program benefits?

If you fulfill all requirements, you will receive the

  • Friends & Family Special offers at the ordinary campaign dates, from April 1 for one year forward
  • EuroBonus Gold or Diamond status April 1, and it will be valid for at least one year forward, but could be longer depending on your individual EuroBonus tier level qualification period (see Terms & Privacy policy for further details)

I didn’t receive any benefits, even though the statement from my bank says I have enough shares. Why?

Whether or not you are eligible to receive Shareholder program benefits depends on your holding during all of the 12 months preceding the annual control date.

Can I become a shareholder and a member of the Shareholder program anytime to take part of the travel benefits?

You can register anytime to take part of the benefits, as long as you are a shareholder.

If you are a new shareholder, it can take up to 30 days before you are visible in the systems and register at VP (our external partner).

Whether or not you will receive the benefits during a given year, starting April 1 depends on:

  • The size of the holding (at least 4 000 shares) during the 12 months preceding November 30 for the coming years of the program.
  • That you registered no later than February 28

If I own more than 100 000 shares and therefore am eligible for EuroBonus Gold status, can I lose this status after the next control date should more than 5000 people have acquired shares?

Yes. In case more than 5 000 participants are eligible to receive EuroBonus Gold status at the annual control date, the benefit will be allocated to the 5 000 participants with the largest shareholding. A control of fulfilment of participation requirements and relevant shareholding level will be done annually, and the previous year’s outcome will not have any impact.

Do I as a shareholder get any indication on my rank in the order among the 5000 shareholders eligible for EuroBonus Gold status?

No, we don’t have any possibility to share this information.