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Swedish National X-Country and Alpine Ski Teams purchasing biofuel from SAS

January 11, 2022 14:47

The Swedish national cross-country and alpine ski teams are purchasing biofuel from SAS in volumes corresponding to all their flights in Scandinavia as part of their sustainability initiative.

The two Swedish national teams are now renewing their partnerships with SAS and purchasing additional biofuel, helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 80 percent.

“We’re incredibly proud that the national cross-country and alpine ski teams have chosen to continue buying biofuel from us. It’s fantastic that the Swedish skiers want to be involved in the transition to more sustainable travel. SAS has worked with the Ski Association for a long time and is honoured to fly national team stars to both competitions and training events. Hopefully, more people will be inspired to follow their example,” says Karl Sandlund, Executive Vice President, Commercial at SAS.

SAS makes no profit on the fuel purchased by the national teams, and the fuel is added to the biofuel already purchased by SAS.

“Climate change affects everyone working with the national cross-country ski team, and our focus on minimising our footprint has grown stronger in recent years. Consequently, we are enormously grateful to SAS for creating a model which enables fossil fuels to be replaced by biofuels. This investment, together with our work to create sustainable arrangements, forms part of our efforts to reduce emissions in the longer term,” says Malin Westhead, Head of Marketing at the Swedish Ski Association.

“The activities of our national teams today require fast, long-distance travel, and flying is often the best option. We’re always looking for ways to reduce emissions from our activities, but we also want to be involved in and contribute to the transition in industries that are close to us. Thanks to our partnership with SAS and Vattenfall, we can now be involved and help to reduce emissions and contribute to further research and development of future travel and transport opportunities,” says Kalle Olsson Bexell Marketing Manager at Ski Team Sweden Alpine.

The option of purchasing biofuel has been available to everyone flying with SAS since 2019. SAS is aiming for global leadership in sustainable aviation and works hard to cut emissions. SAS is for example doing this through its use of modern, fuel-efficient aircraft and through the use of more sustainable aviation fuel.

Greater use of sustainable aviation fuels such as biofuel is essential for more sustainable aviation and in order for SAS to achieve its goal of reducing climate-impacting CO2 emissions by 25 percent by 2025.

Facts about SAS and biofuel

  • Compared with fossil fuels, sustainable aviation fuels (e.g. biofuel) dramatically reduce the climate-impacting CO2 emissions in the lifecycle.
  • Biofuel is delivered to SAS at its main airports at Stockholm, Oslo and Copenhagen, or at a suitable airport as close as possible to the production facility.
  • Legislation allows up to 50 percent biofuel to be used per flight. All SAS aircraft are certified to blend 50/50 fossil and biofuel.



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