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Nomination Committee 2010

The nomination committee consists of the following members:

  • Björn Mikkelsen, Ministry of Industry, Employment and Communication, for the Swedish government
  • Peter Brixen, Ministry of Finance, for the Danish government
  • Knut Utvik, Ministry of Trade and Industry, for the Norwegian government
  • Peter Wallenberg Jr for the Knut och Alice Wallenbergs Foundation
  • Karsten Biltoft for Danmark’s Nationalbank
  • Anders Rydin for SEB Funds.

Registered shareholders in SAS AB’s register of shareholders maintained by VPC AB may submit proposals to the nomination committee on the following address:

  • SAS AB Nomination Committee
  • c/o General Counsel Corporate Legal Affairs / STODL
  • S-195 87 Stockholm, Sweden

At the Annual General Shareholder’s Meeting on March 31, 2009, the following instructions for the Nomination Committee was approved.